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Feel More, Ride More

‘Feel More, Ride More’ is a new platform promoting transport by bicycle. The programme aims to encourage people to use their bikes for commuter and utility trips. It targets recreational cyclists, who already understand the joy and the benefits they get from riding, and asks them to translate this feeling across to A to B trips.

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Thank you for your speed

‘Less Speed, Less Harm’, for NZ Transport Agency, shows the positive outcome of a competent driver choosing less speed. It marks the start of a new chapter for the speed campaign.

Previously, campaigns have talked about the difference every kilometre added to your speed can make to the impact of a crash, irrespective of the cause. The effectiveness of this has been inarguable. This new chapter builds on the territory, and focuses on the reverse effect: that every kilometre less means less impact, less injury, more life, more families kept together.

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The Conscious Crossing

Pedestrians often become complacent at railway level crossings, especially where expensive warning signals can’t be installed.

So for Rail Safety Week, KiwiRail and Clemenger BBDO Wellington have trialled a cost-effective way to make zoned-out minds alert, every time they cross.

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