50,000 young New Zealanders admit to smoking weed and driving regularly. It’s a big problem and an elusive audience; the NZ Transport Agency needed to get them interested and invested.

Enter Tinnyvision – a Snapchat campaign endorsed by the trusted editors of sites young stoners hang out on. Tinnyvision captured a group of guys Snapchatting their way through a stoned day, with a twist in the tail.

Most Snapchat campaigns are created on the day, on the fly, but for Tinnyvision we used Snapchat in an entirely new way, shooting in advance and sending our story to each viewer when they followed. Each snap was timed to send at the same time as in the video. The story felt live and authentic.

Eleven snaps in, the guys go for a drive. A girl walks out and the driver is slow to react. She hits the windscreen. Viewers are left in shock for a minute before receiving the final snap that gives the game away.

Tinnyvision won the attention of over 10,000 hard to reach young people, and 98% spent a whole day with it until the very last snap. The campaign was a calculated risk for NZTA that paid off with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Reaching this audience is really hard. They’re very good at tuning out traditional broadcast channels, so we created a new one. From online comments, we know the message is getting through. And they’re sticking with the story right to the end. It’s exciting to be breaking new ground.

Rachel Prince, Principal Advisor – NZ Transport Agency

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