The Conscious Crossing


The Conscious Crossing is an experimental solution designed to battle inattentiveness at railway level crossings.

Created for KiwiRail for Rail Safety Week, it’s a cost-effective series of moveable gates, designed to be put in places where expensive warning signals can’t be installed.

Whenever you approach a crossing you’re taking a risk. But familiarity makes you less alert to danger, and as a result people often don’t take a moment to check for trains.

Research backs this up – our brains need something to change in a familiar environment before we’ll actively engage with it.

ECD, Brigid Alkema says, “It’s human nature to mess with stuff. A fact we embraced when designing The Conscious Crossing. Every time the public play with it, they’re actually helping to keep others alert in the process. It’s early days yet, but we’d love for this system to be taken and implemented at other crossings throughout NZ.”

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