Nova’s Greek Hero Effigy


New Zealand’s energy market is notoriously competitive. When we helped launch the Nova brand in 2014 we knew we needed something, or someone, particularly memorable. Someone like Greg Grover from Nova.

Two years on Nova is an established brand and the company’s focus is on making the name Nova synonymous with great value energy.

In the new TVC Greg is back in suburbia, valiantly trying to tell Kiwis about Nova’s great value energy across the clamour of garden tools, resulting in a classically funny Two Ronnies-style wordplay that gets the message out loud and clear.

The TVC captures the essence of a very Kiwi company with a clear value proposition.

“A big part of communicating our brand is working with someone who understands where we’re coming from as a business. Providing value is our core principle and that’s what Clemenger BBDO has helped us communicate. That, in turn, delivers great value for us.”

Nova Energy Marketing Manager Michael O’Donnell